Former Greek Minister Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

papantniouFormer Greek Finance Minister Yiannos Papantoniou and his wife Starvroula Kiriakou were each sentenced to four years in prison, that can instead be converted into a daily 10 euro payment, and were ordered to pay a 10,000 euro penalty each, for hiding 1.3 million euros from their tax reports in 2009, according to Greek media reports.

The court also decided that the couple will have to pay the Greek state 20,000 euros each for the inflicted damage.

Papanotniou served as the Greek Economy Minister from 1994 to 2001 and then as National Defense Minister from 2001 to 2004 under three consecutive PASOK party governments.

The court decided that the couple knowingly hid the 1.3 million euros that Kiriakou had deposited in an HSBC account in Switzerland in 2000. The account had been made known through the Lagarde list, which includes over 2,000 Greek banks accounts of HSBC’s branch in Switzerland.

The court further denied the defendants’ request for a hearing on the potential delay of the prison sentence.

The couple is also facing misdemeanor charges for not declaring income in 2008 and felony charges for not declaring income in 2010, Kathimerini newspaper reports.


  1. Just as we begin to believe(ha) the University of East Anglia’s study finding us Greeks to be more honest than others………this happens. It’s such a downer for readers that want to believe fairy tale studies from academia.

  2. If you think it is only Greeks lodging crooked money in Swiss bank accounts, then you need to become acquainted with the real world. The main difference has always been that Greeks were never prosecuted let alone convicted: now this is changing, be grateful.

  3. Whats happen to the ones who stole millions from the country’s coffers??? Are they going to roam freely with our money??? Where is “Justice”??? If this former minister where in USA he would’ve been jailed for 25 years and not 4 years. Shame on our justice system.

  4. When Leftists are charged with crimes against humanity for the invasion of Europe and soon to follow slaughter of Christians by Muslims then I believe we will be in agreement.

  5. hyperbole much?

    all of them?

    who decides who is a “leftist”? voting records?

    sorry, Polycrates you are much smarter than this. .0000001% of all muslims are in terrorist organizations.

    labeling an entire ethnic/religious group for the acts of the psychopaths is not correct. and let’s not forget the right wing terrorism from the likes of timothy mcveigh and anders breivik and others. extremism of all sorts is dangerous. NOT the underlying religion or what have you

  6. 10 euros a day x 365 = 3,650 euros x 4 = 14,600 euros each plus 20k penalty = 34,600 euros each. Together less than 70k.

    A slap on the wrist.


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