Former Greek Minister: If They Kill Me, Someone Will Be Held Responsible

panousisFormer Greek Citizen Protection Minister Yiannis Panousis warned against potential physical attacks on him questioned why certain SYRIZA officials are aligning against him in his effort to shine some light on relations between party officials and terrorists.

Panousis, who was a minister during the first SYRIZA-ANEL coalition and was handpicked by Tsipras for the post, created internal upheaval when he alleged that SYRIZA officials and advisors maintain relations with incarcerated terrorists and threatened him for his actions while he was serving as minister.

Speaking during a session of the Greek parliament’s institutions and transparency committee on Wednesday, Panousis spoke on the attacks he has received from the youth of SYRIZA’s party, from SYRIZA MPs and from current government officials such as the Justice and Citizens Protection Ministers, who have sued the people involved with dismantling what they claim to be classified tapes that include purported dialogues between SYRIZA officials and incarcerated terrorists.

“If I die, someone will be held responsible. Democracy and the government should solve it,” he said according to

Panousis has submitted evidence, including the dialogues between a SYRIZA adviser and an incarcerated member of the terrorist organization Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, to the Greek Supreme Court. An official probe into his allegations has been launched.

Incarcerated brothers Christos and Gerasimos Tsakalos, who are members of the Cells, addressed Panousis’s allegations earlier this week, claiming they are fictitious and threatening the former minister over his allegations.

Panousis noted that he will go to the Greek Supreme Court and ask for the tapes that include the alleged dialogues, adding that if the tapes have been destroyed it would constitute a scandal and a real problem for transparency in the country.

The former minister further claimed that out of the whole government he only trusts Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and reiterated that he wants to meet with him.

Tsipras, who is currently in Turkey, has yet to make any comments on the story that has been unfolding for 10 days.


  1. It now turns out that the so called, “pro-human rights, anti-racist”, Radical Leftist SYRIZA party is a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION, with phone tapped audio recordings by Greek police proving that senior SYRIZA members have close links to Leftist Terrorists, and have interfered in the Justice system to aid these terrorists. Worse still, it’s come to light that the Leader of the SYRIZA CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION, Alexis Tsipras knew about this and took no action to stop it, making him an accessory to terrorism.