Greek Police Arrest Two Suspected Jihadists in Kos Island

antitromokratiki1-630x400Greek authorities on Tuesday arrested two Syrian men who are suspected jihadists on the island of Kos.

In light of the Paris terrorist attacks, Greece’s National Intelligence Service (EYP), the Hellenic Police and the Hellenic Coast Guard have beefed up investigations of refugees coming from Syria. Their efforts are focused on locating possible members of the Islamic State who are trying to enter Europe with fake passports, posing as asylum seekers.

According to Eleftheros Typos daily citing police sources, authorities located two Syrians on the island of Kos who might be jihadists. Upon searching the suspects’ cell phones, they found pictures of firearms, knives, an IS flag and jihadists with covered faces. In one of the pictures, a suspect is posing in front of the IS black flag.

During interrogation, one suspect admitted he is against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whom he called an enemy. However, he denied that he is an IS member.

The two Syrians arrived on Tuesday morning at Kos on a dinghy along with dozens of refugees. The refugee processing staff noticed that the two men were very nervous during the registration process. The refugee processing staff notified high officials of the Hellenic Police immediately. The two men were apprehended and authorities are continuing their investigation on their origins and previous activities.

According to the report, the two suspects are not on the wanted list of recorded IS fighters. However, they are still under coast guard custody. Greek authorities are in close cooperation with foreign secret services to find the true identities of the suspects and the possibility of being connected with IS.


  1. So if these two men hadn’t looked nervous they would have simply been registered, their phones would not have been checked and they’d have been let loose in Greece.

    How many Islamic Jihadis who had a more calm demeanour have escaped the suspicions of “refugee processing staff” and are now in Greece or have moved onto other European nations?

    Greece’s Marxist authorities are enabling the flooding of Europe with ISIS jihadists!

  2. Congratulation to the Greek police officers who made a good job and blocked those 2 presume terrorists.