Lesvos: The beautiful Greek Island and Refugee Harbor Wishes to Be the European Capital of Culture 2021

lesvosNow more than ever Mytilene and the whole Greek island of Lesvos is facing one of the turning points of modern history. Its geographical location makes it by default one of the main gateways for refugees and migrants seeking to enter European soil.

“During this difficult time we considered it necessary to resist,” noted the island’s residents. Lesvos has always been a place for poets and musicians, full of natural beauty, monuments, amazing architecture, traditions, gastronomy and the famous geopark. Therefore, it was only logical for the municipality to request to be considered for one of Europe’s most esteemed titles, that of Cultural Capital for 2021.

The European Capital of Culture is a city designated by the European Union for one year, during which the city is given the opportunity to showcase its culture and its cultural development. Several European cities have used this opportunity to transform their cultural base and their image.

In 1985, Greek actress and Minister of Culture Melina Mercouri, along with her French counterpart Jack Lang came up with the idea of designating an annual Capital of Culture to bring Europeans closer together by highlighting the richness and diversity of European cultures and raising awareness of their common history and values. The Commission of the European Union manages the title and each year the Council of Ministers of the European Union formally designates European Capitals of Culture.

This is a chance for Mytilene and the island to shine, once again, not only as the capital of Solidarity but also as the European Capital of Culture,” noted Mercouri.


  1. It would be a great choice as it is the point of entry of the new youth, strength and creativity of Europe from Africa or Asia. What a wonderful symbol of our multicultural common future.

    Building a museum of immigration like on Elise Island is New York would be a great project for the years coming.

  2. Offs Get out the EU!!!
    “The European Capital of Culture is a city designated by the European Union for one year, during which the city is given the opportunity to showcase its culture and its cultural development”

    And how many millions of our money that some unelected MF has already decided,
    Greeces payoff! Just the start! Angela better get her chq book out!

  3. Delph, Tripoli , Sparta, Nafplio, Eleusis, Ermoupoli, Kalamata and ioannina are also candidate for GReece. In any case may it be a Greek city which wins as it is good for tourism and for people who live in those cities.
    Another great invention of the European Union and it is partially Greek with Melina Mercouri and a real admirer&friend of Greece the French minister Jack Lang.

  4. A “European Capital of Culture”…….given the enormity of the invasion exactly whos culture are we celebrating? What specifically can be called European in Lesbos when thousands of Middle Easterners are invading the island? A bit disingenuous to think so.

  5. There is a museum go immigration there already. This is not the first time for Lesvos, thank you. And I notice you only bless yourself, with no thanks or gratitude to the incredible Lesviots, who also have youth, strength and creativity. NOT very civilized of you.

  6. For once I disagree with you. The EU is a non-European NATO invention as is the migration. Poor munificent Lesvos in my view is the ONLY viable candidate since the situation there is the ultimate showcase of the West and truth of Western policy. At the same time (though this won’t be credited) this wonderful island has behaved generously and utterly humanely throughout all the years of the migrant crisis, retaining its noble outlook and character.

    I see Lesvos as a par excellence proof of Greek (not EU or European) civilization – NOT that will be credited! But do we need their applause? I don’t think so…

  7. There is no disagreement, the situation on Lesbos is becoming increasingly desperate as thousands arrive weekly. To “celebrate” a capital of culture on an island that is under siege is mere political posturing and media hype to deflect attention and not address the issue at hand. It does nothing to alleviate the situation compounded by political indecision and opportunism. IF we are to celebrate Greek civilization, then it must be clear it can and will only be Greek and not some political body’s perception of what is “Greek” laced with EU statist-regionalism endorsing the evolution of our country into an fenced in Islamic interment camp.

  8. Am sympathetic to that. My point is that culture is not only the fine arts but also the culture of humanity (being humane).