Syrians with Fake Greek Passports Arrested in Honduras Trying to Reach U.S.

passHonduran authorities announced on Wednesday that they had arrested six Syrian nationals traveling on forged Greek passports, including five who had been trying to reach the United States.

According to Reuters, Honduran police said there were no signs of any links to last week’s Islamic State bloody attacks in Paris that killed 129 people.

Five of the men were detained on Tuesday in the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, on arrival from Costa Rica, and had been planning to head to the border with neighboring Guatemala, police said. The Greek passports in their possession had been doctored to replace the photographs with those of the Syrians.

Anibal Baca, a Honduras police spokesman, told Reuters the five were trying to reach the United States. “We received information from (fellow) police services that these five Syrians left Greece and passed through Turkey, Brazil, Argentina and San Jose in Costa Rica before finally reaching Tegucigalpa,” Baca said.

Honduran newspaper La Prensa said the five men detained on Tuesday were aged 23 to 33. “Greek diplomats arrived in the terminal area and confirmed the men didn’t speak a word of Greek,” the paper said.

A sixth man was turned away on Friday on arrival by plane from El Salvador, and was sent back. They are the first such cases of attempted illegal entry by Syrians into Honduras since the Central American country started compiling records in 2010.

However, the incident was not isolated. Police in the former Dutch Caribbean colony of St Maarten on Saturday arrested three men they believed to be Syrians who arrived on a flight from Haiti and were also traveling on forged Greek passports.

In Paraguay, police detained a Syrian man on Sunday who was traveling on a stolen Greek passport.


  1. On their pictures they look Greek. Wondering what would happen to someone of Greek decent (Greek-American or Greek-Australian) who doesn’t speak Greek but with a Greek passport (perfectly legal) was to be control? Maybe citizenship should be passed from parents to children if they speak thew language of the country.
    Well, in those case, they are probably Islamic-terrorists who stolen Greek passports.

  2. Only now does the world awaken to the threats we have been warning about these past years. Suddenly in Kos they find ISIS infiltrators it’s as if hundreds of radicals have not already passed through Greece and now are residing in Europe. Greece’s opposition parties would be wise to call for crimes against humanity against Tsipras’ government and the EU for allowing hundreds to die attempting to enter Europe and for allowing this human calamity to occur knowing that terrorism is arriving with every boatload of “migrants”.

  3. death penalty and/or life in prison (a worse punishment ) for smugglers

    massive sentences for those making fake passports and using them

  4. Sure – and with borders closing fast (FYROM’s fence along the Greek border is almost done) take a wild guess where they’ll all end up again.

  5. Some Greeks look like that. Greeks are a Mediterranean people: some have darker skin other clearer skin. I have many Greek friends who have dark skin. Go around Greece talk to people and you will see.
    Only golden down members think that all Greeks are tall and blond.

  6. WHEN the fences are raised sealing off Greece it will obviously become the worlds largest interment camp for the media’s erroneously described “migrants & refugees”. It will soon become fashionable to speak Arabic, bow towards Mecca, women forced to wear a burka, obey only sharia law and read Arabic newspapers.


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