Greek Authorities Unable to Track Jihadists in the Continuous Migrant Flow

Syrian_refugees_LesvosGreek authorities have been struggling to contain the refugee crisis that started a few months ago, when the flow of refugees and migrants coming from the Turkish coast increased significantly. However, monitoring the large number of people who come through the Greek border each day has proven to be a virtually impossible task.

Since the Paris attacks on Friday November 13, security measures have been taken across Europe in order to avoid a second massacre. However, Greece warns that there is now possible way to ensure that no jihadists are passing through the Greek borders. “If they are not already registered in the database, it’s nearly impossible,” says Dimitris Amountzias, police captain in charge of Moria, Greece’s main registration camp on the island of Lesvos, said to AFP.

Jihadists have proven that they can easily bypass the seemingly detailed security checks performed in Greece’s numerous detention centers by agents of the European border agency Frontex.

“The unchecked flow poses an unequaled challenge for European security,” added a European security expert.

It was reported by French authorities that two of the terrorists had passed through Greece before participating in the bombing attacks. Furthermore, authorities had also been searching for Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the mastermind behind the operation, in Greece in January 2015.

The police chief insisted that the officers in Greece are doing their best to register every single migrant under the current European guidelines. “There isn’t a single officer here who would let a migrant through without first taking their fingerprints,” he stressed. Meanwhile, the Greek Alternate Interior Minister Nikos Toskas made a similar statement during a meeting in Brussels. “External borders are checked. The refugees are checked and identified under European rules,” he said.


  1. Senior Greek police officials, Europol officials and European Security Experts now admit that it is impossible to identify Islamic Jihadist terrorists amongst the hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals claiming to be refugees and pouring into Greece from Turkey each month.

    Any so called ‘anti-racist’ NGO [typical funded by Zionist billionaires like George Soros] ,Leftist trolls on comments sections of articles, politicians and journalists who after this admission continue to insist that Greece keep its borders open to Islamic Jihadist infiltrated flows of self declared ‘refugees’ pouring into Greece from Turkey, are implicating themselves and might be charged -[highly likely if acts of terrorism continue and Europeans demand that heads roll for this mess – Today Brussels is in lockdown]- with aiding and abetting the transfer of Islamic Jihadists into Europe and put on trial as willing accessories to international terrorism.

  2. Greece’s Marxist governing authorities now acknowledge that they knew they were allowing countless Islamic Jihadists into Greece, and the rest of Europe.

    There is a real case here for putting Tsipras and senior MPs from his administration whose portfolios concern defense, police, internal security, immigration, on trial for enabling the passage of Islamic Jihadists into Greece, and recklessly endangering the lives of Greek citizens and the citizens of other European nations.
    Are Tsipras and his gang going to be allowed to walk away from what they’ve done without punishment? Is that democracy, rule of law, and justice?

  3. Maybe having police officers from other European Union countries coming to Greece to help would be the best solution.

  4. How the Greek authorities can trace them when corruption is in full swing in a country without laws???

  5. I believe Tsipras will give the illegal muslim immigrants Greek papers possibly; something like citizenship – we are definitely heading in this direction. The EU is insisting Greece set up “hotspots” to weed out the liars from genuine asylum seekers – sounds great but in reality it does not work this way. In italy for example the hotspots have relocated less than 300 out of the 150,000 or so arrivals. What is more likely to happen is that Tsipras, frustrated with Skpoje and other countries building fences, and the fact that EU nations realise that the illegal flow is a security risk so are drastically revising their intakes downwards, it is likely Tsipras will give the illegals some sort of greek papers (with voting rights as this will benefit Syriza) . He will say it is because the EU does not take the illegals. The EU will probably provide him with some financial incentive to do so and given that Tsipras is a complete liar who is only in politics for money (no integrity), he will take the $$ sell us out. I think once their numbers become substantial (1-2 million) we will be faced with a kosovo/bosnia type of situation with extreme tensions between the muslim illegals and orthodox greeks, although in our case there is not much we will be able to do as our neighbor will threaten to invade us if there is war – in short, Tsipras is dragging us into hell.

  6. Although the stats say they are the most intelligent group of humans on earth, I just can’t see how George “Elder of Zion” Soros thinks a few thousand Tribesmen are going to handle millions of Mohammedans in the EU. Unlike the deracinated Europeans, Mohammedans know who they are, and they know who they aren’t. And they’re ready to kill those ‘others’ any time.

  7. Ask the refugees to help you find those killers. Refugees will help you as they want to build not destroy.

  8. Don’t bring in teh Zionist Euro sharks.

    The Greek police alone can do it BUT IT IS THE GREEK GOVERNMENT WHO ARE THE PROBLEM.

    Vote Golden Dawn next time to see a real change.

  9. lets just wait for the next attack – maybe it will be because someone drew a picture of mohammed, or because of the crusades, the sunni vs shia conflict, the ban on the niqab in france… take your pick from the endless reasons islamists use to commit terror attacks

  10. Being extreme right and anti-Semitic obviously shows that you have some serious personal issues. I really hope for your good that you can solve them and be happy.