Defense Minister Kammenos: ‘ISIS Ιs the Αbsolute Αsymmetrical Τhreat’

kammenos1Greek Defense Minister and Independent Greeks (ANEL) leader Panos Kammenos said that France has not asked anything from Greece regarding a possible military operation against the jihadists.

“Greece has traditional binds and relations with countries like Egypt, Israel, UAE, Tunisia and of course Cyprus. At the same time Greece is the only country of NATO which has excellent relations with Russia. This means that Greece can play a very important role” he noted.

Kammenos called the case of the Islamic State of ISIS as the “absolute asymmetrical threat.” The recent example is what happened in France. Three of the perpetrators were permanent residents of France; others that passed from Greece were identified where in other EU countries were not identified. A new dogma exists that demands the creation of an information network, he said.

(Source: ANA-MPA)


  1. Kammenos is more afraid of the residents of Kos than ISIS. A brave man standing behind the dais throwing his ample weight around as Defense Minister in parliament, but when confronted by the citizens he is suppose to protect he runs away like the bully coward he is.

  2. Haha yeah that video was hilarious. For those that want a good laugh, google search Kammenos on Kos and click on one of the videos. Shows just how popular his “nationalist” group is.


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