Greek-Cypriot Authorities on Alert for Six Suspected Jihadists

larnaca-airportSix people with French passports were interrogated by Cypriot police, since they were suspected to be involved with extreme Islamic organizations. The six men arrived in Cyprus from France on Sunday night and the officers at the airport control in Larnaca found that the five men were Turkish, while the sixth was Algerian.

The six men claimed that they had arrived in Cyprus for a holiday, however the local authorities were not convinced, and decided to detain them. According to figures provided by Interpol, at least three of them are linked to Islamic organizations.

The six men had booked their low-cost flight tickets a long time ago and were supposed to stay in Cyprus for three days. They were all on the same flight but were divided into two groups at the passport control. They had no luggage other than a handbag each with mobile phones and laptops. Eventually, they admitted that they were planning on traveling to the occupied territory.

The French Embassy was notified immediately, in order to request information from Paris regarding the six men. The investigation continues and the men will most likely be deported to France, where authorities will determine if there are any grounds for their arrest.


  1. Only six Jihadists? Is that all they could identify among the hundreds of thousands of invaders?

  2. Congratulation to the Cyprus police. However someone of Turkish descent can be sure to have serious checking by the police in Cyprus knowing the historical difference that exist among them.