Three Legal Mosques Operating in Athens, Many More Illegally

tzami1-thumb-largeThree mosques are operating legally in Athens at the moment after getting licenses in the past two years, and many more illegally according to a Kathimerini report.

The Hamza mosque at the Victoria Square area started operating in the summer offering a house of prayer mainly to migrants from Bangladesh. Chelal Chelal from Bangladesh, who is in charge of the mosque, lives in Greece for twenty years now and knows the legal framework for operating the mosque.

Another mosque for Greek Muslims operates in Piraeus and another one for Pakistanis at a west Athens neighborhood. Both mosques received legal licenses in 2014 and 2015 according to the constitutional framework.

Τhere are several mosques operating illegally in Athens that service a Muslim population estimated between 130,000 and 200,000. It is estimated that there are around 25 spread in many Athens areas. The founders of illegal mosques follow the strategy of establishing and operating the mosque first, and applying for a license later. There are several places of worship that operate and have already started procedures to become legal.

However, in light of the bloody Islamic State hits in Paris on November 13 and the warnings for new attacks in Europe and the U.S., France decided to shut down places where the Muslim priests preached politics and sent fundamentalist Islamic messages against the West.

In Greece, authorities have no way of monitoring or knowing what is being preached inside the mosques. The only people who can inform authorities of the content of the preachings are the operators themselves.

The report cites a Greek Police official on condition of anonymity who claims that preachers disseminating extreme positions in relation to Islam has nothing to do with the mosques.

“We have noticed that those recruited by the Islamic State are not always pious Muslims, but people with other characteristics: no job, not many friends, with family and psychological problems, delinquents or substance-depended. Those are no longer to be found in the mosque. The problem is not the preachers who are legally bonded, but ‘guests’ who come for a few sermons only,” the police official said.


  1. People will always gather somewhere to worship and freedom of religion is European right. Therefore, there will always be mosques and churches and synagogues etc. You only have to choose if you want them to be legal, upfront and open or to push them underground. Alienating and demonising thousands and thousands of people is not going to lead to anything positive.

  2. i guess that’s why there are no churches, synagogues, temples etc in saudi arabia – criminalizing freedom of religion there draws no ire from leftists. I’m always fascinated by leftists who find themselves in love with islam when it represents the antithesis of their beliefs – death to apostates, death to blasphemers, death to homosexuals, no freedom of religion, oppression of women, all based on the haddiths, shura and quran – so why do leftists love islam? what do they have in common?

  3. Why do rightists always cite Saudi Arabia? You want to compare yourselves with that regime or do you want to be European and do the right thing? This is not a case of “They’re bad so why should we be good”. Silly rightist argument.

  4. TPW try attending church in a predominately Muslim nation especially one that is not registered with the state. Reciprocity is the ONLY THING these people understand.

  5. Saudi Arabia is not part of the European Union, but they will have to accept freedom of religion and personal/individual rights one day.

  6. there are 14 muslim majority jurisdictions which make insulting islam a capital crime including iran, yemen, saudi arabia… also nytimes has an article citing at least 20 muslim majority nations where freedom of religion is restricted. Can you name 1 christian majority nation where insulting christianity is a capital crime? Also, as a leftist atheist, are you saying saudi arabia has nothing to do with islam?

  7. They wont gather if you boot them out of your country. They wont be pushed underground if they are non existent. And who cares if you alienate thousands of people, The Ethnic Greeks should come first in Greece not Mohammed and Habib.

  8. Today is November 26, a full 13 days since Islamic terrorists slaughtered 130 innocent men, women and children in Paris and as per your disqus history you’ve not posted a single comment in condemnation of these attacks, nor of the dangers posed by ISIS operatives inflitrating amongst the nearly 800,000 phony ‘refugees’ that left the safety of NATO member Turkey and poured into Greece thus far in 2015, but here you are defending illegal mosques in Athens and asserting that Islam has a place in Greece.
    Police arrest gang on Lesbos that was selling 500 forged Syrian passports per day. See more at:
    SEE Daily Mail article: Germany admits a third of migrants who claim to be Syrian are lying… as even UN’s refugee agency says current problems are ‘the tip of the iceberg’

  9. The Greek constitution recognizes Orthodox Christianity, as the prevailing faith of the country. Christian Greece suffered 500 years of oppression under the Islamic Ottoman Turkish occupiers.

    You’ve stated on previous Greek reporter articles that you immigrated to Greece and that you’re of non-White mixed racial heritage, so you should respect the Christian identity of Greece’s indigenous populace.

    Integrating Islam into Christian society is antichristian.

    II Corinthians 6:16-18

    And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.”

  10. I have not written comments on Greek Reporter or Kathimerini on thousands of article and subjects!!! I don’t know what you are getting at. And don’t quote Daily Mail articles here. It’s a right wing rag.

  11. You know what, I am not going to even try to persuade you here John. In fact I am going to encourage your wonderful tolerance of Islam. What I want you to do is to go into almost any Middle Eastern nation, go to any gathering of Muslims and say “I am not a follower of the Islamic faith but that is okay because I am a person with religious and individual rights.”

    Be sure to record it and post it online so we can see all the loving acceptance that they are sure to bring you.

  12. Don’t evade the issue. WHY is it that Leftists look at the world as a whole or separately depending upon their specific agenda item? Damascus and Baghdad were once centers of learning and religious freedom. Do you see any traces of that in either country’s capital. Muslims have become increasingly intolerant (similar to Leftists) backed by billions from Gulf States.

  13. You wrote: “or do you want to be European and do the right thing?”

    So according to you, to be a European one must support the building of mosques in Europe, and the integration of 3rd World Muslims into Christian European society.

    Indigenous White Europeans don’t want Islam, to become the dominant religion in Europe, and given Europe is their ancestral homeland their view should prevail.

    For 1000 years European Christendom fought to repel and expel invading Islamic Turko-Arab armies.
    Any Islamic presence in Europe is a leftover of Ottoman Turkish and Arabic Moorish invasions of Christian Europe, as well as recent 3rd World Islamic immigration.

  14. Have you ever been to Muslim country?
    I have, I did not shouted that to the people in the street but I had such conversation with friends and colleague. I was always welcome with open mindedness and tolerance (ok the people I talk about are educated). But here in the Western world we have a complete freedom of Speech, they might get it one day too,

  15. Have you ever been to Muslim country?
    I have, I did not shouted that to the people in the street but I had such conversation with friends and colleague. I was always welcome with open mindedness and tolerance (ok the people I talk about are educated). But here in the Western world we have a complete freedom of Speech, they might get it one day too,

  16. Oh yeah sure, you just happened to not make a single comment on any Greek reporter article addressing the Islamic terrorist attack on Paris and the infiltration of Islamic Jihadists amongst the 3rd World foreigners pouring into the Greece from Turkey, BUT YOU NEVER MISS commenting on Greek reporter articles to do with the Golden Dawn trial.

    I can imagine your response if a group of persons affiliated with a right wing group, or a nationalist group like Golden Dawn, massacred immigrants in Athens. You would’ve plastered any Greek reporter article relating to such an incident with comments on the dangers posed by ‘racial extremism,’ ‘racist terrorists,’ etc.
    On other articles you’ve admitted that you are of mixed-race non-white ethnicity, is that why you steer clear of commenting on any article concerning mass murder inflicted on indigenous White Europeans by non-whites?

  17. Daily Mail was quoting German Interior Ministry officials, quite simply, a quote is a quote, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t like the news agency that reports it.
    THE SAME QUOTE CAN BE FOUND IN THE TELEGRAPH, is that good enough for you? Or do you only accept news reported by the left wing rags like the guardian?

    Google the Telegraph Article titled: “Refugee crisis: Many migrants falsely claim to be Syrians, Germany says as EU tries to ease tensions”

    Germany estimates that 30 per cent of incoming migrants claiming to be citizens of war-torn Syria are in fact from other countries, an interior ministry spokesman said Friday.

    “It’s an estimate based on the observations of officials on the ground, especially the federal police, the Office for Migration and Refugees and (EU border protection agency) Frontex,” he said.


    In 11 Muslim countries, (NOT JUST SAUDI ARABIA) the punishment for leaving Islam and converting to another religion (Apostasy) is the DEATH PENALTY!
    These countries are:

    [Population: 32 million] Saudi Arabia: (Death Penalty), [Population: 25 million] Yemen: (Death Penalty),  [Population: 78 million] Iran: (Death Penalty), [Population: 32 million] Afghanistan: (Death Penalty),[Population: 40 million] Sudan: (Death Penalty), [Population 10 million] Somalia: (Death Penalty), [Population: 9 million] United Arab Emirates: (Death Penalty), [Population: 2 million] Qatar: (Death Penalty), [Population: 1 million] Mauritania: (Death Penalty), [Population: 415,000] Brunei: (Death Penalty).

    i.e. In 10 Muslim countries with a combined population of 229 million the legal penalty for leaving Islam and converting to another religion is DEATH!

    In 2 countries [Pakistan and Morocco] with a combined population of 233 million, leaving Islam and converting to another religion is not illegal, but apostates are vulnerable to charges of blasphemy, a potential capital offence. 

    In Egypt, Malaysia, Maldives, and Oman [combined population: 124 million] converting from Islam to another religion, or proselytizing for religions other than Islam carries lengthy prison terms, and even flogging.

  19. There are hundreds of articles on Greek Reporter on a wide range of issues. I do not spend my days and nights sitting here on this site (and others) responding to everything as you seem to do. I choose to focus on one or two issues. I make no apology for that.

    Your obsession with me is strange. I did not “admit” I am mixed race. It’s not something embarrassing or criminal that I need to admit to. I am of mixed heritage. This does make me interested in issues about racism, extremism and Golden Dawn. That is also not something I feel ashamed of or need to apologise for.

    My response to other issues might actually be in places that you don’t frequent? Have you thought of that? Probably not, because I think you imagine that I am as obsessed with you as you are with me. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  20. Yes, as Europeans we should uphold European laws on human rights which includes freedom of religion. The Islamic presence is not as clear cut as you are saying in your simplistic nationalistic way “Muslims came and we fought them off”. The relationship is much more complex and you know it.

  21. Yes, as Europeans we should uphold European laws on human rights which includes freedom of religion. The Islamic presence is not as clear cut as you are saying in your simplistic nationalistic way “Muslims came and we fought them off”. The relationship is much more complex and you know it.

  22. I’m calling you out on your repeated, and tiresome hypocrisy, not obsessing over you. You ignored every single Greek Reporter article dealing with the massacre of 130 innocent men, women and children by Muslim terrorists in Paris, but unsurprisingly showed up to comment in support of illegal mosques in Athens.
    Upset that your hypocrisy is exposed?
    Your concern for human rights is selective, your crocodile tears fool no one. 

  23. If you are of mixed heritage, do tell me, why does Greece concern you at all then? Hell, why does Europe in general concern you? Greece, as the name states, is a home for the Greeks. Germany for the Germans. France for the French, etc. If diversity is what you seek, go live in Detroit.

    We Golden Dawn supporters, contrary to your as well as the media’s slander, at the end of the day simply want to save our homeland and preserve a future for our people. As someone who grew up in America, I have seen with my own eyes what sort of “enriching” effects diversity has had. And I would rather not have that as the future of Greece.

  24. I will admit, I have never been to a predominantly Muslim country. But a number of them have made their way to the US and very few of my encounters with them have been pleasant. The only ones I was able to get along with were mainly those that were technically Muslim but very casual about it and only in it to avoid the wrath of their family and/or community.

    I will commend you for being honest with your visit to a Muslim country. But though it is admirable that you admitted some truths about it, I must nonetheless maintain that those very same truths indeed serve to undermine your argument. Call it racist or whatever but the ratio of educated Muslims is low, especially compared to the Christian west. The vast majority of Muslim nations is simply not like the Arab Emirates,

    And given that an overwhelming amount of them are not open minded like the educated ones you spoke to, I am going to have to shatter your dreams on them fully accepting freedom of speech. I will confess that I am no fortune teller and I may very well be wrong. But suffice to say the chances of them doing so is very tiny, especially in our lifetime.

  25. I’m not upset and there are no tears, crocodile or otherwise. I know your agenda and nothing I can say will change it but just to reiterate; I do not comment on the VAST majority of articles on Greek Reporter. That says nothing at all about me seeing as you do not know where else I am present. Greek Reporter is basically commented on by right-wing fanatics with the odd “two pence worth” thrown in by a few individuals trying to present another angle. I’m pretty sure none of us are under ANY illusion that we could possibly change your minds in let’s say, your unfailing support of Golden Dawn or your hatred of Muslims and immigrants. I think we just like to try from time to time. Your arguments are nothing new… they are repeated and copy/pasted all over the internet. Whatever.

  26. Simple… I live in Greece. I am European. I was born in England and have British nationality.I cannot change your opinion seeing as you are a Golden Dawn Supporter. Ironic that you are Greek and live in the States and abhor diversity!

  27. That is just the thing. I HAVE EXPERIENCED DIVERSITY! I know exactly what it does. I had to go to school with these diverse individuals through elementary and middle school. And while there was the occasional white bully, the vast majority of the time (and I am talking at least 9/10 times), the trouble was coming from the hispanic, arab. and black groups. It was only in high school when I entered into the honors (AKA advanced) classes that the majority of them got filtered out and could finally focus on my studies. And even then, their obnoxious behavior was still prevalent outside of the classrooms.

    Believe it or not, I was not always a Golden Dawn supporter. Hell, I was if anything on the left when I was younger. But since I got to see the wonders of multiculturalism with my own eyes, I have been able to see it for what it really is. My opinion has in fact changed over the years quite a few times. As I went further down the social marxist rabbit hole, it dawned on me that this was not a healthy future.

    So with that said, let me make this clear for you: you are not a European, nor are you British or Greek. It takes more then some legal documentation handed out by treacherous marxists to make such a claim. You are living off the work and history of a people you do not belong to. You claiming that you’re a European is about as accurate and realistic as the Skopjans claiming they are the descendants of Alexander the Great.

  28. Non-white foreigners, especially Muslims have no intention of adapting peacefully as guests in Europe, they abuse indigenous White Europeans and intend to dominate Europe and subjugate Christian European civilization to Islam.

    GOOGLE Telegraph article: “Rotherham: In the face of such evil, who is the racist now?”
    1,400 underage White girls raped and pressed into prostitution over 16 years in Rotherham, with ALL but one of the perpetrators being Muslims of Pakistani heritage!

    European Christendom must not allow itself to be dominated by 3rd World foreigners.

    Deuteronomy 17:15

    “Thou shalt in any wise set him king over thee, whom the LORD thy God shall choose: one from among thy brethren shalt thou set king over thee: thou mayest not set a stranger over thee, which is not thy brother.

  29. The Asian thugs in the UK who target underage Native White British girls and groom them into a life of prostitution also have a ‘piece of paper’ saying they are British but they know full well that they are not and this can be seen by their almost exclusive targeting of underage White girls. SEE Telegraph article:
    “Oxford grooming gang: We will regret ignoring Asian thugs who target white girls”

  30. It isn’t my “opinion,” it is the historical and biological truth. You “know” you are European in the same way that Skopjans “know” they are the heirs of Alexander the Great and transgender people “know” they are a member of the opposite sex. In your fantasy perhaps, you are whatever you believe and I suppose that is the only place where I cannot challenge your identity. Just know that the reality is far different from what you desire.

  31. You are very odd. That you actually believe that you are the gatekeeper of peoples identities is egomaniacal and dangerous. You have zero right or knowledge to judge my identity, nationality or gender for that matter. Only extremist nutjobs give themselves that power and that doesn’t wash with the rest of us.

  32. I did not claim to be the “gatekeeper of peoples identities.” What I am saying is that there is a reality that neither you or I can deny. It is not something I could control even if I wanted to. That is in fact why I said you were free to BELIEVE what you wanted. Likewise, if I identified myself as a unicorn, you also would not be able to force me not to believe it. But even if I did ignore what others said and I fully indulged that fantasy, it would not make it any more true.

    So yes, you are undeniably free to believe what you want and there is nothing I can or even desire to do about it. But more then anything, you need a reality check.


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