ISIS Threatens 60 Countries Including Greece

    coalition708The Islamic State has released a new video threatening the 60 countries that have allied against them. This is the first time Greece is a recipient of a threat by the jihadists.

    There is a picture of 60 national flags, including Greece’s, with the speaker saying there will be reprisals against the coalition that opposes the Islamic State.

    The voiceover says in perfect English: “There is a coalition of devils, including Iran, Turkey and Russia.”

    In 0:14″ of the video, there is a list of the “enemies” flags under the title “The global coalition against the Islamic State”, including the Greek flag, on the far left of the second line.

    In the 4-minute propaganda video, the Hollywood-style voiceover says that their own ally is Allah and it also taunts the U.S., urging America to “bring it on,” while they mock the U.S. casualties and the alleged suicides of soldiers coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan.


    1. well they are trained soldiers, so are we, they smuggle aks so do we. Molotovs and riot pop up every other day here, so go ahead, they gonna be dissapointed.

    2. NATO and the European Union must united with the rest of the world to neutralize the terrorists.

    3. The only thing these people understand is fear. An example must be made in Raqqa with as much force, brutality and cleansing necessary to drive fear into the hearts of their most ardent supporters. If that fails another example and yet another until the lesson is learned using tactical forces and non-nuclear weaponry. 1945 Japan was just as radical and suicidal, after years of massive carpet bombing it was forced to surrender only after two major cities were all but effaced from the earth forcing Emperor Hirohito to publically declare an end to hostilities..

    4. ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State/al Qaeda in Iraq or whatever else they are calling themselves are a disgusting violent criminal organisation hiding behind a warped form of ‘Islam’ that is not genuine. With recent attacks on Russia and France and with Iran and Turkey specifically named as well in this video as ISIS enemies, I’d advice those 2 countries to be 100% vigilant with regard to upcoming tasks. The recent publication of 60 flags inclusive of the 4 countries I mentioned along with my own (Ireland), Greece, Czech Republic, USA, Australia, Japan, China, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Norway, Switzerland, Mexico and the UK shows how global this group are. Even Saudi Arabia is mentioned among its enemies. All these countries do need to unite and crush this common enemy.