FYROM Begins Construction on Border Fence Amid Migrant Tension with Police

FYROMThe Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) has initiated the process of sealing its southern border with Greece by erecting a fence, resulting in clashes between migrants and police at the border on Saturday.

Migrants located on the Greek side of the border began throwing rocks at FYROM police who responded with flashlight grenades. The altercation came after a migrant from Morocco electrocuted himself after touching electric cables and was then reportedly taken to the hospital.

Migrant Tension with PoliceFYROM, which has been the main gateway from Greece into Europe for thousands of refugees and migrants, has officially begun raising the three meter high metal fence it had pledged to erect. The country notes that the fence does not mean that refugees will be denied access into its territory, Reuters report. For the past few weeks, FYROM has already been implementing a war zone-refugee-only policy when it comes to allowing those on the other side of the border into their territory. Citizens from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, while other Iranians, Moroccans and Egyptians among others have been denied entry.

This policy has caused tension at the border with migrants trying to push through into FYROM and clashing with police on Thursday. Hundreds of migrants have been gathering at the Greek town of Idomeni and have been camping on the train tracks that connect the cities of Thessaloniki and Skopje, as their entry into FYROM is not possible at the moment.