New Greek Opinion Poll Shows Reduced Lead for SYRIZA

pollIf elections were held today in Greece, the parliament would include five parties according to a poll by Kappa Research conducted for the Vima newspaper and published on Sunday.

Asked in the poll “which party would you vote for if elections were held today”; 18.4 pct said SYRIZA, 14.9 pct said New Democracy, 5.6 pct said Golden Dawn, 4.5 pct said Democratic Coalition (PASOK-DIMAR), 4.4 pct said the Communist Party, 15.9 pct said they’re undecided and another 18.2 pct said they wouldn’t vote.

On the question of who they consider “most suitable for the position of prime minister”, participants gave Alexis Tsipras 42.8 pct and Vangelis Meimarakis 28.5 pct and another 29.7 pct said “Don’t know/Don’t answer”.

Asked “if the government lost its majority in parliament, what should the prime minister do?” 23.5 pct of respondents said he should cooperate with centrist parties like PASOK, Potami and the Centrists Union. Another 37.8 pct said he should call for a unity government with the participation of New Democracy, 25.8 pct said he should resign and call new elections, 9.1 pct answered “Other” and 3.8 pct replied “Don’t know/Don’t answer”.


  1. Well take solace in the fact that it is nonetheless dropping. Hell, mere months ago he was riding much higher.

  2. Greeks vehemently complain about all the deep cuts brought on by HIS third austerity package, yet they continue to support this bozo. So sad!


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