Turkish Violations of Greek Airspace Reportedly Continue


Violations of Greece’s airspace continue just a few days following the take down of a Russian air force plane by Turkish authorities.

The Turkish air force shot down the Russian air force’s Sukhoi SU-24 aircraft, November 24, citing violation of Turkish airspace as a reason. Since then debate has ensued about whether Turkey knew the aircraft was Russian, whether the Turkish authorities warned the pilot before taking the plane down, and even if the Russian aircraft had violated Turkish airspace at all, with each of the two countries presenting their own side to the story.

Amid this tense international climate, the question of recurring Turkish violations of Greek airspace has been raised. The Hellenic National Defense General (GEETHA) reports that on November 24th, the same day of the incident, Greek airspace was not violated even once, but since then there have been multiple intrusions.

Data compiled by GEETHA and presented by Kathimerini newspaper show 20 violations committed by different aircrafts on the 26th and 27th of November.

The figures do not specify the origin of the aircrafts but note that violations occurred over the Northeast and Southeast Aegean sea.



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