320 of the Most Prominent Russian Tourist Agents Were Invited to Crete

    aerodromio-iraklioTEZ TOURS HELLAS in Heraklion-Crete has invited 320 of the most prominent Russian tourist agents.

    The Philharmonic of the Municipality of Heraklion and a local Cretan band followed by Cretan traditional treats and wine (rakomelo) welcomed the Russian agents during their arrival on the island.

    The Russian group of agents are staying in a hotel owned by the Angelopoulos family in the Anissaras penisula.

    This visit is very important due to the latest developments in the region and the crisis in relations between Russia and Turkey especially after a statement made yesterday by the Russian president Vladimir Putin who clarified that “tourism in Turkey and all that it entails must end”.

    In their first statements General Director of TEZ TOURS HELLAS Manolis Apladenakis and Heraklion Airport Master Giorgos Pliakas said they are satisfied with this effort and it’s extensions.


    1. Many Russians lives in Greece, it is good but even more Russians lives in Turkey; what will happened to them?
      I don’t read comments from golden dawn about mix marriage between Turkish men and Russian women….it is very common in Turkey.

    2. What “Greek” movie maker doesn’t make a film about the Pontian and Kitsos genocides but instead makes a film about twooo jews being sent to the gulags?

    3. Didn’t a number of “prominent” Russian tour agencies close leaving their clients stranded in Greece?

    4. Sad to have Russian migrants? Even White Christians do not have grace to your eyes?