Hackers Blackmail Greek Banks Demanding Bitcoin as Ransom

Hackers-Blackmail-Greek-BanksA special unit of Greece’s National Intelligence Service (EYP) is investigating a racket of hackers who blackmail Greek banks, including the country’s central bank, asking for bitcoin as ransom.

According to information released by Greek Police, a group of hackers under the name Armada Collective ask for ransom in bitcoin in order not to cause damages in banking transaction systems. The deadline to receive the ransom is Monday, November 30.

On Thursday, the perpetrators hacked the systems of three banks and caused a few minutes of interruption of transactions. They threaten that they will hit again unless they receive the ransom by Monday’s deadline.

A team of bank employees and police of the electronic crime unit headed by Bank of Greece official Giorgos Paschas is also working on locating the hackers.


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