Greek Music Producer Attracts Hollywood to Santorini

music studio santoriniKnown Greek sound engineer and music producer with years of experience in the music business Kostas Kalimeris had a very successful idea. He decided to make a recording studio in a beautiful luxury hotel in Santorini.

This idea has brought reknowned artists to Santorini wanting to record their albums in Black Rock Studios. Some of his famous clients are Justin Bieber, One Republic, Steve Harris and many more. Artists apparently really enjoy this mix of resort-recording. Justin Bieber has visited twice, the band “Bring me the Horizon” recorded their album “That’s the Spirit” and Joe Bonamassa named his album “Black Rock” after the studio.

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According to Kallimeris the studio’s reputation is spreading fast. He believes the reason of its success is its beautiful location, even though the artist never have time to vacation since recording hours are stressful.

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