Turkish Stream Gas Pipeline Does not Become ‘Victim’ of Russia-Turkey Tension


Russia currently has no plan to freeze the overall construction of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline as tension between Russia and Turkey continues over the shooting of a Russian jet fighter by the Turkish Air Force.

Although, according to Newsweek, the Russian-Turkish Intergovernmental Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation—the body through which large joint-projects between the two countries are agreed—has been suspended for the time being. This would not affect the projects already under construction, including the so-called “Turkish Stream” pipeline

Reuters reports, that two sources at Russia’s Gazprom said that this move is in retaliation for Turkey’s hostile activity, as Russia continues to impose sanctions against Turkey.

“We’re expecting that the head of state, in all likelihood, could declare a freezing of the Turkish stream, or at least some kind of timeout should be announced,” one source said.

The Turkish Stream project was to build a new gas pipeline under the Black Sea to Turkey, and in subsequent phases the construction of a further line from Turkey to Greece, and then overland into Southeastern Europe.