U.S. Embassy Asks Greek Island to Lower Rent on Athens Property ‘Due to Crisis’

american embassyThe U.S. embassy in Athens has asked the municipal authority on the Greek island of Chios for a 15% discount in the yearly rent it pays on a property in the upper-crust Athens district of Kolonaki, saying it should have a lower rent due to the economic crisis.

The house leased by the embassy was part of a bequest left to the municipality and was leased by the embassy in 2004 for the sum of 21,000 euros. The U.S. embassy has asked for a more competitive rent of 18,000 euros a year, saying rents in the area have fallen due to the economic crisis.


  1. Not to worry because of global change climate warming the Island of Chios will soon be engulfed by the Mediterranean as will the US Embassy in Athens. A worldwide punitive Carbon Tax is the only solution to save our country from becoming the Netherlands of Southern Europe.

  2. The AMericans should be offering to help bv paying more, doing more just as they openly help their IUSIL kissing sweet heart Pres Erdogan of Turkey. The nation that violates Hellenic air space or maritime boundaries several times every blasted day. Instead ultra wealthy yankee land wants a discount? Mr Putin, would you like that building and the Americans can be kicked out. Completely.

  3. Andreas Papandreou kicked out the American bases and look all the good it did. Decades of goodwill towards American service men and their families living and loving Greece was lost as well as their billions of dollars. Russia is a tepid ally in the struggle against Turkish Imperialism and aggression as they know the current Obama US foreign policy looks favorably only at Muslim nations and the rest of the world’s crises is inconsequential. Nixon’s version of “détente” is a nothing compared to Obama’s contempt and arrogance towards it’s allies. Ask any Israeli.