British Jets Pound Syria from Akrotiri in Cyprus

Akrotiri in CyprusBritish warplanes have begun carrying out airstrikes in Syria, just hours after lawmakers in London approved the expanded strategy to defeat the Islamic State group.

Royal Air Force Tornado fighter jets took off from Akrotiri, a British air base in Cyprus, struck targets in Syria, and returned safely to the base, British defense officials said early Thursday.

The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity did not provide any information about the targets of the strikes, or their effectiveness.

After 10 hours of debate, British lawmakers Wednesday approved (by a vote of 397-223) a request from Prime Minister David Cameron to take part in airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria.

Cameron appeared in parliament to make his case, saying the air strikes would be “part of a wider strategy” to overcome the militant movement.

Britain has been bombing in Iraq for more than a year and Cameron urged lawmakers to back extending air strikes to Syria to target militants he said are plotting attacks on the West.
(source: VOA)


  1. The United Kingdom is fulfilling ts European and NATO obligations and it defends Cyprus facing islamo fascism.