Greek Min.of Migration: “In 5 Days Greek – FYROM Border Issue Will be Resolved”

mouzalasThe situation in Idomeni-Greece is going from bad to worse. The Greek economy is beset by the blocking of the railway line and the closure of borders by FYROM. The situation has reached an impasse, and the matter was put in Parliament by the Minister of Immigration Yiannis Mouzalas.

Speaking in the Parliament Greek Minister of Immigration Yiannis Mouzalas announced that the issue in Idomeni will end within the next 4-5 days in accordance with an operational plan, that cannot be announced. “It will not be solved with flowers or beatings” noted Mouzalas adding that “the solution in Idomeni will not be a walk in the park. It will be difficult for all of us who do not want violence“. On the other hand he seemed optimistic stating that these refugee flows will not be “caged” in Greece.

Mouzalas assured that the land borders are perfectly guarded and there are no immigrant or refugee flows, however, at the sea borders since the refugees and immigrants are fleeing from Turkey, the Greek side is obliged to organize a rescue operation .

He criticized the “solutions” proposed by the EU for the problems in Idomeni saying that FRONTEX rushed to Idomeni, and even though it was agreed in the Council Summit that they would only help in recording the immigrant and refugee flows, FRONTEX began arrests and joined in patrols with FYROM.”This is why we asked Mr. Avramopoulos, to intervene. We believe that Mr. Dimitris Avramopoulos‘s attitude has helped our country”.

Regarding the refugee crisis in general he claimed that “the scene is based on lies, distortion, dissimulation and the existent weaknesses in the management displayed by the Greek government and me personally.”

He spoke of little European aid arguing that it was written thatthey are offering us 400 digital identification machines and we are rejecting them, the truth is that we were offered and given only 48″. He continued stating that “they say that we do not want to cooperate with FRONTEX, the truth is that we have an excellent cooperation both on ground and at sea. We have asked the EU for 1,600 men to assist us in the management of the refugee flows on the islands but still they only send us 40 people each month” he clarified.


  1. Migration Minister Mouzalas really must to learn to speak Arabic, Farsi and Pakistani dialects so that the majority of people that have any interest whatsoever in his statements can understand him. As for the rest of us he is on no consequence.

  2. It’s interesting to note that Greece is starting to cooperate with FRONTEX because Macedonia has allowed them to take charge.

    We all know who the nicer guys are.

  3. the “solutions” were one’s devised by Avromopolous and agreed to by Tsipras ie migrant “hotspots” EXACTLY as I said would happen – they would be stuck in greece. The EU will not take them and I can guarantee Tsipras will give them some sort of rights to stay and vote by the end of next year (as they will vote for him – he is a complete liar who looks to stay in power at all costs). I suspect that Tsipras will start to pressure the church to take care of the illegal muslim immigrants once the pressure builds on state funds (Tsipras has said in the past the church can house them) – at the 1-2 million illegal muslim immigrant mark (which is likely within 2 years at current rates of illegal immigration) there will be mass civil unrest possible war (at these levels unrest and war has happened to our north kosovo, bosnia, fyrom)