Equity Investment Forum Taking Place in Athens

InvestmentsRepresentatives of the industry told a two-day Equity Investment Forum which began on Monday in Athens.Venture capital has significantly contributed to supporting and developing Greek enterprises since the start of the specific market in Greece, 

The forum is organized by the Athens Stock Exchange, Enterprise Greece, Hellenic Venture Capital Association (HVCA), New Economy Development Fund (TANEO) and Praxis Network, coordinator of Enterprise Europe Network-Hellas.

The Forum, which brings together more than 1,300 participants, is presenting more than 330 business plans by Greek startups, developing, small- and medium-sized enterprises, by large Greek enterprises as well. All these plans will be evaluated by Greek, Israeli and international venture capital funds.

Israel is the honoured country in this year’s Forum, one of the top technologically and investment-wise countries in the world.
(Source: ANA-MPA)


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