Volunteers Set Up ‘No Border Restaurant’ at Greece-FYROM Border

1_520Several volunteer groups from all over the world have set up makeshift kitchens to serve free food to hungry migrants stranded along the border between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

Thousands of migrants who want to cross through FYROM to wealthier western Europe are denied entry to FYROM because they don’t qualify as refugees. Most of them are hungry and desperate. Dozens of volunteers have arrived at the neutral zone between the two countries in order to support the migrants and offer them food.

Activists from Germany, Spain, Portugal, Bosnia, even as far away as Australia try to cater to the immediate needs of the migrants by setting up soup kitchens. “No Border Restaurant” is one soup kitchen style restaurant offering “a bowl of soup in exchange for a smile”, as they say.

2_437“We arrived here a few days ago, a group of eight with a big 12-ton truck bringing clothes, blankets and other necessities, and we distributed them to the migrants,” Johnny from Germany told AMNA news agency. “The initial plan was to go to Lesvos, but the situation at Idomene made us change direction and come here.”

The group cooks night and day inside a train wagon in order to feed about 2,000 people on a daily basis. “The situation became more difficult when some non-profit organizations left and volunteers from neighboring countries stopped coming,” Johnny said, adding that some of the migrants are helping out in serving the food or coordinating those waiting in long lines.


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