FYROM Builds Second Fence at the Border with Greece

florinaThe FYROM army has placed wooden and metal stilts in a length of about six kilometers with a two meters high wire fence.

The FYROM army confirmed  that a wire fence will be built in the area of Metzitlia, the border area  with Greece, opposite Florina (southwestern part of Macedonia) to reduce migration flows.

Since yesterday, the country’s army , following relevant mandates, began building a wire fence at the border crossing of Metzitlia, similar to that in Gevgelija,” said FYROM army spokesman Tony Gianefski.

This is the second fence that FYROM has created  at the border with Greece, following the one at the neutral zone between Gevgelija and Idomeni, whose construction began in late November and it’s length is so far reaching approximately 15 kilometers.