The IMF Will Not Be Leaving the Greek Program



After accumulated tension in relations between Berlin and Athens due to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ statement that the IMF will be withdrawing from Athens, the Greek government is taking a step back. Germany made it clear yesterday that there is no possibility the IMF will leave the Greek program.

On Wednesday December 10, the German government spokesman Steffen Zaimpert in response to a question about whether Berlin sees the involvement of the IMF in the third Greek bailout program absolutely essential, he stated that “not only is it a practice that has succeeded, but it is also grounded in the relevant legal texts of the ESM program and in the context of the European Union, and was also stated at the Eurogroup in August, which was supported by the IMF and  Greece.”

Today the Greek government responded through it’s representative Olga Gerovasili who clarified that the IMF will be participating in the Greek bailout program until March and possibly after. She stressed on the other hand, that the Greek government has the right to express its views on the role of the IMF Our obligations towards the IMF have nothing to do with our views on the matter.”