New Greek-Developed App Lets You Be a ‘Marathon Hero’


A new iOS gaming app inspired by Greek history, as well as designed and developed by a Greek team, is now on the market!


“Marathon Hero”, as the app is called, took over a year to develop. The ancient Greek messenger Pheidippides, who was sent from Marathon to Athens in 490 BC to deliver the news about the Athenian victory against the Persian army, inspired the game’s creation.

“Marathon Hero” lets you play as the racing messenger, dodging obstacles and clearing hurdles to rack up points while the speed continuously levels up.



Best of all, the game was made using Athens-based talent. Nickolas Maniatis created and developed the game while working with designers Chrysiida Rouni and George Zafiropoulos, and Konstantinos Vasiliadis provided the music. To see more of Nickolas’ work, check out his website.

Download the game yourself for free on the Apple Store or at Marathon Hero Game and enjoy!


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