Economic Crisis Leaves 44% of Greeks with Poor Mental Health

mediadefaultimageskatathlipsi_21052015154815Depression, anxiety, frustration, fear, disappointment and anger are some of the negative emotions that 44 percent of Greeks feel as a result of the economic crisis, according to research.

In a study conducted by GPO on behalf of the National School of Public Health, depression is skyrocketing, while the mental health of Greeks is on a downward slope. In addition, 25 percent of people who suffer from mental disorders abstain from treatment or medical exams because they cannot afford the costs.

The study shows that the overall health of Greeks is deteriorating, while income and overall health are linked. One third of Greeks perceive that their health is in bad condition. Also, 42 percent of those with poor health, suffer from chronic illnesses.

The highest percentages of people with good health are found at the Attica and Thessaloniki regions, while the worst cases are found on the islands of the Aegean and Crete, where people have difficult access to health centers and hospitals.

However, according to the study, the upside of the economic crisis is that now Greeks smoke less, eat less red meat and consume less alcohol.