Hooded Anarchists Raid Teiresias Head Quarters


According to Ekathimerini newspaper suspected members of an anarchist group raided and vandalized the offices of Teiresias, the electronic database for insolvent borrowers.

A group of about 14 men believed to be members of Rouvikonas  (the Greek name for the Rubicon) arrived at the premises of Teiresias on motorbikes, around 9 a.m.

The men, had their faces covered, while entering the organization’s offices, and they proceeded to destroy computers, printers and other items using sledgehammers. Witnesses said that they were shouting “We’ll tear it all down!”

Thankfully, no one was injured in the attack. Police said they detained seven suspects.

Late on Tuesday, New Democracy MP Vassilis Oikonomou was hospitalized after he was beaten by a dozen hooded attackers while dining in the downtown Exarchia neighborhood.


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