New Greek IDs Expected By the End of 2016

ιδGreeks will shortly have the chance to exchange their old IDs with new ones for a 10 euro fee. These new IDs  will have technologies like those contained in newly issued passports and drivers’ licenses.

As the existing IDs are easily forged the new ones will not only have fingerprints but will also have biometric data and a print of the eye’s iris. It is also possible that they will include microchips.

Deputy Citizen Protection Minister Nikos Toskas stated that the cost is estimated at around 10 euros. In regards to when the new identity cards will be ready the Minister said that “they should be expected by the end of January 2016, the Committee that has already been established and is working on the matter so that subsequent replacement of old IDs will occur in a few months”.

The Minister stressed that the current identity cards can easily be manipulated and then used for issuing passports by counterfeit circuits.