Greece Leads in Shipping, 13 Greeks Among Top 100 Ship Owners

17062014-8Greece continues to be on top of worldwide shipping in 2015, while 13 Greek shipowners are among the 100 most important in the industry.

According to the annual “Lloyd’s List Top 100 2015,” Greek shipping controls 334,649,089 tons dwt. Japan comes second, followed by China in third place.

Regarding top ship owners, 13 Greeks feature on the list. John Angelikoussis stands out as being fifth on the Top 100 list, not only for his fleet capacity of 26.8 million tons, but also for his influence. Angelikoussis follows a decades-long family tradition, which continues with many awards.

The other Greeks on the list are: Angeliki Frangos of Navios in 16th place, George Economou in 17th place, George Prokopios in 18th place, Panayotis (Peter) G. Livanos in 21st place, Peter Pappas in 31st place, Nikolas Tsakos in 45th place, Peter Georgiopoulos in 47th place, Theodore Veniamis, president of the Union of Greek Shipowners is 48th, Kostis Konstantakopoulos in 52nd position, Evangelos Marinakis in 65th position, Simos Palaios in 88th position and Dimitris Melissanidis in 98th position.