New Poll: Faith in Greek Government Diminishes

pollA poll conducted by the University of Macedonia presented discouraging results for the Greek coalition government.

Even though the newly re-elected SYRIZA-ANEL government has been in power for less than four months, 77.5% of the poll’s respondents claimed it is already heading in the wrong direction and only 11.5% believe it is taking the right path. At the same time, 84.5% expressed dissatisfaction with the government’s performance while a mere 10% are satisfied so far.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras currently rules with a fragile majority of 153 parliamentary seats, just two above the required minimum. With uncertainty over the government’s longevity,  51,5% would like to see an ecumenical government in case Tsipras loses his majority in parliament. 21% would want the government to stand with political support in parliament and only 18% would want to head to elections again.

Greeks also seem to be pessimistic about their future. With 85.5% expecting the most onerous measures and reforms to come in the future, 41% believe their household income will definitely shrink while 25.5% believe it will probably decrease and only 5.5% anticipate an increase.

Among the greatest challenges Greece is facing today is the inflow of migrants and refugees. 62.5% believe the government’s immigration policy is wrong and 14.5% find it to be correct. Only 25.5% believe the current government is handling the immigration issue better than previous governments, 24.5% do not see a difference, while 39.5% asserted it is fairing worse than its predecessors.