Czech Republic President is Disappointed Greece is Still in the Eurozone

Miloš_Zeman_PrahaThe Greek government has called the Greek ambassador to the Czech Republic back to Greece for deliberations, following remarks by the country’s president on Greece’s presence in the Eurozone, Greek media report.

The dispute began when Czech Republic President Milos Zeman explicitly revealed his feelings about Greece, on the Slovakian News Agency TASR on December 15.

“The Czech Republic will join the Eurozone the first day after the departure, if possible, of Greece from the Eurozone,”  he said adding that “I am extremely disappointed that the summer negotiations between Greece and the lenders did not lead, in the end – despite its appearing quite probable – to Greece’s exiting the Eurozone”.

Zeman’s remarks did not go unnoticed by the Greek media who questioned the foreign ministry on their thoughts on them.

The Czech Republic is a member state of the European Union thanks to Greece as well. No further comment, for the time being,” Greek Foreign Ministry spokesperson Konstantinos Koutras had said on Friday in response to the comments.

Following these comments, the ambassador, Panagiotis Sarris has been called back to Greece for deliberations over the situation. Though this does not constitute an official recall, it is a significant development.


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