18 Refugees, Including Six Children, Drown off the Turkish Coast

refugees-capsizedEighteen people lost their lives on Thursday when a boat transporting migrants and refugees to Greece, capsized off the Turkish coast, Greek media reports.

Among the 18 casualties, there were six children. The boat was reportedly heading for the Greek island of Lesvos when the bad weather overturned it.

This latest mass casualty in the Aegean Sea comes just one day after a shipwreck off the Greek island of Farmakonisi left 13 people, including seven children, dead.

One Child Dies in Samos

A 10-year-old Afghan girl was fatally struck by a vehicle on the Greek island of Samos on Thursday.

The incident happened while migrants and refugees were being registered in the island’s port. While how exactly she got hit is still unknown, the Athens Macedonian News Agency reports she likely left her parents while they were not watching and appeared in front of the vehicle, leaving the driver little time to react.

Large numbers of refugees expected to arrive at Piraeus Port on Thursday
Two ferries (Nissos Rhodos and Blue Star 1) carrying approximately 2,000 refugees from Lesvos, Chios and Samos have already docked at Piraeus port.
A third ferry (Nissos Mykonos) is expected to arrive in Piraeus within the day carrying 710 refugees from Lesvos.