Greek Finance Minister: Government Does not Agree with Bailout

tsakalotos.15.11.708Greek Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos claimed during an interview with Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” that the Greek government does not agree with the neoliberal reforms of the bailout it is implementing, but defended its decision to adopt this program.

Tsakalotos, who negotiated the current program as finance minister over this past summer, claimed that the deal originally offered by creditors was good for five months, required four reviews and a renegotiation in September, while it essentially prescribed the same measures and reforms. As a result, the deal Greece ended up with is better than what it was originally offered.

As such, Tsakalotos defended the July 5 Greek referendum because it ultimately helped Greece secure a better agreement. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had called the referendum asking Greeks to accept or turn down the deal Tsakalotos was referring to earlier.

The Greek Finance minister further insisted that the Greek government has boundaries that it will not cross in making compromises. Despite not naming them he underlined that the protection of the poor and unemployed is necessary for this government and called for the support of the left in Europe to protect pensions and the welfare state.


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