Poll: Greek People Show Lack of Trust to SYRIZA-New Democracy

opinion pollsGreeks show that they don’t trust SYRIZA and New Democracy as both big parties only get 33.3% combined in a new opinion poll regarding intention to vote.

In the poll that was conducted by MRB on behalf of Real News newspaper, the difference between the two major parties has shrunk to 0.7%, with SYRIZA getting 17% of the intended vote and New Democracy trailing behind at 16.3%.

At the same time, a staggering 40.5% of participants said that no party represents them.

Asked about their intention to vote, the results show:

New Democracy: 16.3%
Golden Dawn: 5%
PASOK: 4.2%
KKE: 4,9%
Potami: 2.3%
Independent Greeks: 2.5%
Centrists Union: 2.7%
Popular Unity: 2.3%

Regarding the course of government policy, 74.6% of Greek citizens assess it as negative and only 20.3% as positive. Also, 47.6% of SYRIZA voters evaluate the progress of the government as negative.

At the same time, 52.3% of participants believe that after New Democracy elects leader the conservative party will still not present a good alternative to the present government. Yet, 43.3% of potential voters believe that New Democracy will be a viable alternative to SYRIZA. Also, 86.3% of New Democracy voters believe that their party can be a good alternative government solution.

Overall pessimism prevails as 62.9% of citizens believe that the economy will get worse in 2016, while 81.4% said that the overall situation in Greece will be bad. Regarding their personal financial situation in 2016, 51.2% believe that it will get worse.