Inmate Death in Greek Prison Hospital Causes Reactions

korydallosKorydallos Prison is once again a topic of discussion in Greece after an inmate who was being treated at the jail’s hospital passed away on Sunday.

A 75-year-old man, who had reportedly been sentenced to prison for unpaid checks died at the hospital.

The prison’s hospital has been called “kolastirio” which roughly translates to “hell hole”, in reference to the conditions that exist. Patients are cramped together in bunk beds in a small space, while rats and cockroaches roaming the hospital grounds and walls can be seen in pictures.

Inmates at the hospital who run a twitter account from there first broke the news on Sunday. In their tweets the inmates tag Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras asking for how much longer these conditions will prevail in the hospital.

On December 20th, the patients of the hospital posted a list of demands that they want the Greek government to fulfill.

Since the news broke the hashtag #save_kolastirio has been trending on Greek twitter.


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