Armed Robberies Took Place in Three Athens Supermarkets

supermarketAn elaborate police operation is underway in Athens in order to locate three people who were allegedly involved in three successive armed robberies that took place in northern and central Athens, Greece.

The first robbery took place at Vasilopoulos supermarket at 6:11 pm, three assailants, who are allegedly members of a gang, robbed the supermarket in Likovrisi, Athens. In the first case the assailants fled with three motorcycles. In the second case, eyewitnesses saw the perpetrators fleeing the scene with a motorcycle and a vehicle.

A third robbery took place at 6:28 pm at another Vasilopoulos supermarket of in Exarchia, central Athens. Seven people emptied all the cash registers and fled the scene on foot.

The amount stolen has not yet been determined. After the first alarm, the police are making extensive checks in all of Attica in order to identify the suspects.


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