Greek Banker Became Rich Through Large-Scale Scam

Hellenic PoliceA banker from Greece who had committed a large-scale scam reminiscent of Hollywood movie scripts was investigated by Greek police. The banker was working in a bank branch on the island of Salamis and he managed to extract large amounts of money to buy villas and luxury cars. It was estimated that through his scam he raised around 1.7 million euros.

According to Greek police his plan was perfectly organized. At first, he won his customer’s trust with his “knowledge” on financial investments and as a result, many of his customers viewed him as an investment adviser. He appeared to be especially interested in elderly clients who easily fell for his act. In fact, many of them trusted him enough to give him full access to their accounts and their private identification numbers.

Having full access to certain client accounts the banker transferred money from one account to another, temporarily, by convincing clients that their investment had yielded profits. He kept part of the amount he presented as profits for himself and on other occasions he made investments in financial instruments or deposit programs.

A certain number of customers caught wind of what was actually going on and complained to bank management and in November 2015 a case was initiated by the bank.

After the imposition of capital controls the banker’s scam was completely uncovered and a formal complaint has been filed against him.