Baby Boy Becomes First Refugee Casualty of 2016


    A two year old baby boy has been reported as the first casualty of the refugee crisis in the Aegean after a boat carrying refugees sank near the Greek island of Agathonisi on Saturday, according to the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS).

    Local fishermen pulled at least 35 people from the sea hours after their boat crashed into the rocks. The two year old drowned and another three-month old infant was severely hypothermic, the migration charity said. A total of eleven people were injured.

    “Today we came face to face with one of the youngest victims of this ongoing refugee crisis,” MOAS founder Christopher Catrambone told Sputnik News. “It is a tragic reminder of the thousands of people who have died trying to reach safety in miserable conditions.”

    Greece has become the entry point to Europe for millions of immigrants from Syria and Afghanistan fleeing their war-torn countries in search of a safer home.