Greek Migration Deputy: Tens of Thousands of Migrants Will be Stranded in Greece

mouzalasGreece’s Deputy Migration Minister Yiannis Mouzalas stated that tens of thousands of migrants will end up being stranded in Greece and the refugees to migrants ratio is now one to one, while it used to be 80% to 20%.

Mouzalas spoke on Greek television saying that there is a great possibility the European Union would shut its borders and this is one reason that people keep arriving to Greece at alarming numbers.

Another reason, he said, is that the migrant trafficking rings in Turkey continue their activities uninterrupted. He pointed that there is “no practical proof that Turkey is trying to stop traffickers.”

The Deputy Minister said that migrants and refugees arriving to Greece have three options: seek asylum, ask for repatriation when they realize they don’t have a future here, or stay in Greece because their countries – as in the case of Pakistan – are refusing to take them back.