Stathakis Confident in Government in the Face Of Pension Reforms

StathakisThe vote on pension reforms will not shake the government’s majority, Economy Minister George Stathakis predicted on Sunday while talking on the “Mega Weekend” television show. Defending the government’s approach, he said SYRIZA’s Parliamentary group would support the changes.

He noted that the government, rather than imposing pension cuts, had instead opted for a deeper, more permanent and lasting reform, with a transitional period to smooth out any injustices that may arise. Some cuts to the very high pensions were unavoidable, he added, while predicting that a tax on bank transactions to fund the system would not be necessary based on the calculations made.

On the issue of non-performing loans, the minister said the government had until February 15 to complete the legislation for protecting homeowners, SMEs and consumer loans and predicted that the high level of protection would continue.
(Source: ANA-MPA)