Greek Betting Firm OPAP Asks High Court to Cancel New Gambling Levy

opapGreek betting firm OPAP has filed a petition with the Council of State to annul and suspend a new tax on its games, which became effective this year, the company said in a statement.

Greece’s Finance Ministry announced a decision last year to levy a tax of 0.05 euros per column on all of OPAP’s games in order help raise about 300 million euros per year in revenue.

According to the company, this levy, which is transferred to the punters and collected by the state, is unconstitutional, against the European Convention on Human Rights but also against European and Greek law.

OPAP also claimed that it is technically impossible to adjust the software of its electronic machines to calculate and collect this tax, while it also warned it may suspend some of the games, which will result in “irreparable economic losses.”

(Soure: ANA-MPA)


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