Greek State Minister to Canadian Ambassador: Canadian Investments Are Welcome in Greece

Nikos PappasGreek State Minister Nikos Pappas met with the Ambassador of Canada to Greece Keith Morrill at the government headquarters on Friday.

Pappas clarified that Greece welcomes Canadian investments in Greece but always provided upon strict respect to the law.

Moreover, they discussed the rapidly developing bilateral relations in the sectors of investment, trade, tourism and culture as well as the timely role of the Greek Diaspora that works as a bridge between the two countries. They also noted the importance that both the Greek and Canadian governments give to the adoption of development and not austerity policies against the economic crisis.

The Greek Minister stressed that Canada’s decision on the relocation of 25,000 Syrian refugees constitutes an example for the European countries that have shown reluctance to assume their share of responsibility on the refugee crisis.

(source: ana-mpa)