Patras Carnival Kicks Off

Patras Carnival Kicks OffPatras mayor Costas Peletidis declared on Saturday the official start of the Patras carnival.

In Peletidis’ address to the people he said that despite low temperatures the best carnival in Greece had started.

“The drums of peace sound tonight from Patras for the entire world. If half of my heart is here, in this square, the other half is in the Aegean, where children die every day because of the imperialists” he said and continued “Young people do not compromise and claim what belongs to you, send the message to the powerful that you are the hope, the only genuine hope of the people. Let’s go together with joy and vividness to overcome the difficulties and to have lots of fun”.

The opening ceremony of the carnival was a voyage of voices, songs and traditional music where Greece symbolically joined with Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba and Italy who are facing crises. The ceremony concluded with a band playing percussion instruments and fireworks that gave special color to the city’s sky.
(source: ana-mpa)