Ships to Remain Docked for Another 48 Hours Due to Seamen’s Strike

seamen's-strikeThe Greek Seamen’s Federation (PNO) has declared a new 48-hour strike in all ship categories starting from 6 am on Friday until 6 am on Sunday January 31. Ships involved in the transfer of migrants and refugees are not excluded from the mobilization.

PNO is expected to meet again on Saturday in order to decide on the future of its mobilizations.

The federation’s general secretary Yiannis Halas speaking to ANA-MPA on the escalation of their mobilizations said that until today there was no answer to their requests from the government. “I estimate that we are heading to a total disaster. I may be pressed from the islanders but I can’t do otherwise,” he said adding that by no means will he allow that assets of the seamen’s social security fund to be absorbed by the new single fund.

PNO in an announcement demands the withdrawal of the draft law on social security noting that due to the special character of the seamen’s profession their fund can’t been incorporated in the new single national social security fund.

(Source: ANA-MPA)