Bulgaria Complains About Blockades in Borders with Greece

promaxBulgaria has complained to Greece and notified Brussels about the continuing blockade of the Greek-Bulgarian border checkpoints as a result of the protests of Greek farmers.

“We must defend the Bulgarian road carriers, we have alarmed Brussels about the problem,” Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Daniel Mitov said on Nova television.

“The Bulgarian Ambassador to Athens got in touch with the Greek Minister of Public Order and Citizen Protection over the rising tension and threats about blockades. She asked for alternative routes. Yesterday Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov had a phone conversation with his Greek counterpart Alexis Tsipras and stressed that such blockades violate the fundamental rights of the European citizens,” Mitov said.

Bulgaria’s foreign minister also commented that the borders to other neighboring countries are blocked as well.

“Tension at the Bulgarian-Greek border will continue growing,” said Georgi Petarneychev, Chairperson of the Management Boards of the Association of the Bulgarian Enterprises for the International Road Transport and the Roads, speaking on Radio FOCUS.

“The truck drivers blocked at the border are losing patience, while the blockade is expected to continue. It is hardly likely that a corridor for shipments’ transit will be provided by the end of the week,” Petarneychev said.

“The loss suffered by the Bulgarian road carriers is huge. On the one hand, they suffer a loss as physical persons because they have gone to work but when they are just staying at the border, no one is paying them. The owners of the companies, on the other hand, suffer a huge loss, too, as their vehicles were purchased to be in movement and earn money and pay for the licenses. The late delivery of the shipments leads to losses, too. There are many trucks transporting perishable products,” Petarneychev commented.