Larissa Installs “Walls of Kindness” to Help Citizens in Need

larissa-foodA group of young people in Larissa Greece have started a movement to help their fellow citizens. The group installed hangers in key places around the city, where people are able to leave bags with food and clothes for people in need. The group was inspired by a similar action in Iran where people left clothes on hangers for others.

“We decided to adapt the idea to our everyday life,” Dimitris, a member of the group said to the Greek website “People are looking in the bins for food, why not make the process more dignified,” he said.

The group’s main goal is to raise public awareness so that more people will leave goods on the hangers and support the project. The group started placing hangers for “clean food” in their own neighborhoods in order to spread the word about the project, while they plan on placing more hangers around Larissa and also other cities in Greece.

A Facebook page has also been set up to help spread the idea, which at the moment has almost 2,000 members. The page named “The wall of kindness” (“Ο τοίχος της καλοσύνης”) provides information regarding the areas where the hangers are located, as well as information about the action in general.

“Find a wall in your neighborhood and send a message to the page. We will contact you and a group member will soon visit the area to place a food hanger,” the team members said.


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