PM Alexis Tsipras Says Greece Is Doing Its Part in Management of Refugee Crisis

    Refugees Arrive at Piraeus

    Following the conclusion of his meeting with the Interior Ministers of France and Germany, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras underlined again the point that the refugee crisis is a European, not a Greek problem, while pointing out that Greece carries a huge load and that the number of dead people trying to cross the Mediterranean continues to grow.

    In addition, Tsipras said that Greece has been fulfilling all its obligations loyally in the management of the refugee crisis and that all EU member states must fulfill their obligations as well.

    According to government reports, the meeting between the Greek Prime Minister and the Interior Ministers of France and Germany focused on plans to reduce the inflow of migrants from Turkey and the expansion of technical assistance to Greece for the effective management of migrant flows to Greece.

    Prior to his arrival in Athens, however, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said that Greece must do its own part in the effective management of the refugee crisis, but refused to comment on speculations that Greece might be forced to exit the Schengen zone.