Brussels and Berlin Plan to Send Armed Forces to Greek-FYROM Border

fyrom-borderWhile struggling to handle the refugee crisis, the EU is considering imposing new and tougher measures in order to stop the refugee flow towards the rest of Europe. According to the Financial Times, the plan to strengthen the borders between Greece and FYROM is gaining popularity and has been discussed as an effective solution both in Brussels, Berlin and within the EU.

European officials, including Greeks, Turks and former Yugoslavia countries’ officials have suggested sending troops to the Greek-FYROM border in order to control or even stop the flow of refugees to other European countries.

Slovenia introduced this proposal a month ago, however, the plan is strongly doubted, since it essentially leads to EU member states standing against Greece, and siding with FYROM a non-EU state.

If the plan is implemented, then Greece is in danger of being trapped between the European closed borders and the massive flow of refugees from Turkey. Meanwhile, according to the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, there are more than 2.5 million refugees and migrants in Turkey waiting for a way to reach Greece.

In part, the plan to enforce border control in FYROM has already been implemented, since countries such as Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia and Slovenia have sent police forces to conduct border patrols.


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