ERT President Tsaknis: ‘Greek Eurovision Song Will Pay Tribute to Refugees’

tsaknisDionysis Tsaknis, the president of the Greek public broadcaster ERT announced that Greece’s song for the 61st Eurovision Song Contest, in Stockholm will touch on the subjects of the refugee and financial crisis. In a way, he believes that through the song Greece will be able to send a realistic message to Europe.

Furthermore, he added that this year there will be no Greek finals event for the selection of the artist and the song.

Also according to Tsaknis the song they are going to select will include ethnic elements – such as Balkan or Pontiac music — while there will be no dancers and provocative appearances and effects during the finals, scheduled to take place on May 10.

“Other countries are able to offer such spectacles better than we do. Greece’s performance however, will not include such extravagant performances. This does not mean that we will choose a sad song though. On the contrary, we are planning on choosing an optimistic, upbeat song that will have a Greek sound and verse, which will touch the subject of the harsh economic measures that have been imposed on Greek people and the struggle of the refugees, in order to teach people across the world a lesson on humanity,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the ERT president also announced that he will meet with representatives of Nilesen in order to express his complaints in terms of the viewing figures that they have provided for the Greek public broadcaster.


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