Roadblocks by Greek Farmers Cause Chaos in Greece

greek-farmers-blocksAs Greece’s government is preparing to vote on new measures, Greek farmers have formed road blocks across the country in order to show their dissatisfaction with the new insurance policy reforms. On Saturday, February 6, numerous passages across Greece were closed off either for a 24-hour period or indefinitely, after a short break on Friday due to the extreme weather conditions. “We will not leave, because we have nowhere to go they stated to the Greek news agency ANA-MPA.

The roadblocks have caused great problems for people, since they have practically divided Greece in two. Farmer unions and associations are still discussing about their future plans and their demands.

The farmers closed off the main national highway passage, in Tempe, Lamia, Thessaloniki and the Peloponnese, while there are also some blocks on the Greek island of Crete. More than 1,400 tractors were placed in the customs office of Sidirokastro, near the border with Bulgaria blocking the way for the trucks that formed a long line, reaching up to 25 km.

Most areas where closed off around 12pm on Saturday and remained closed until 12pm on Sunday, February 7. However, some farmers are planning on closing certain roads indefinitely.

The farmers’ unions are demanding the withdrawal of the proposal for the insurance and tax reforms. Furthermore, they are asking for the establishment of an inter-party committee where all political party leaders will comment on the issues that led to the current situation.


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